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I really am turning into such a spoilt bratty pouty little bitch who never stops whining & whinging to get her own way.
I blame my boyfriend.
He spoils me rotten.
Cuddling the hell out of me & singing me to sleep. Calling me all these sweet names and teaching me that yes, i can beg for later bedtimes & get them in the form of extra cuddles & songs.
Then i get pouty when sent straight to bed without extra cuddles T.T
It really needs to stop, I dont like this attitude of mine at all.

This is how my amazing girlfriend feels, and it’s very noble of her to think of our love this way. but I’m not sure she knows I love it when she’s pouty and spoilt and bratty. she’s perfect for me and I never ever want to let her go. I need someone like her who pouts when it’s time to go because she’s the only one who does that. she’s the only one who feels  the burn of every goodbye with me. She’s the only one who makes me feel wanted. 

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